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Pipe works at the right place

Are you harried by a particular outlet placed at the wrong place? That is because you have clearly not visited the best designer. We give you no opportunity of re-consultation with our impeccable designs and intelligent layouts.

About Us

Ingenious design of portable plumbing

We provide health-safe drawings and proper layout for plumbing with enough knowledge on the area and the terrain along with the water supply points and taking into consideration the number of floors.


With every inlet comes an outlet

And with every design from us, comes safety

We Give you

Pipe works Design

We design the veins of the building with careful consideration of the structure

Storm water Outlet Design

We create outlets for the water from the rain to collect in the system.

Sanitary Outlets

The design of system is to a point it connects to a municipal or to an on-site disposal system.

Plumbing Fixtures

The design coordinates the appropriate type of fixtures in the different areas of the building.

We talk the talk and do the action. Get in touch for awesome designs.

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