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Machines can be good posers

We make good models out of the machines and their assembly lines and bring out designs that make them desirable and highly functional in nature as well as in reality.

About Us

Step wise design process

We follow a set of steps to create valid mechanical designs that starts with the concept and the need followed by the prototype design. We then move on to evaluating and optimizing the designs ending with the validation.


Mechanical designs are not mechanically drawn

Get ready to be amazed with our design services

We Give you

Duct Layout

Our designs give your building some breathing space with rightly placed ducts

Fabrication Designs

Get the perfect copy of a design with the help of fabrication designs

HVAC Drawings

Ventilation forms the mainstay of our designs with a breathing space for the air ducts

Paper to CAD Drafting

Be it any paper design of complexity, get it converted by CAD

We talk the talk and do the action. Get in touch for awesome designs.

Our Portfolio

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